Sunday, June 1, 2008

Skipping Stones

Silkscreen 369

This picture is from the movie Amelie, where you can see she is skipping stones on a bridge...

So I spent the entire spring semester working on this picture and recreating all the little details. Here goes..... love it or hate it....

All in all there are over 40 different layered colors. I might do some touchups in the fall to bring out more detail. One of my proudest prints.


Silkscreen 369

After revisiting one of my favorite music videos, "Do the Evolution" from Pearl Jam, I took an interest in learning about The Holocaust, and the wicked tolls on humanity that took place. I learned there were Nazi generals that actually set goals of killing 25,000, 60,000 all the way up to 125,000 Jews. So sad to think a single person not even named Hitler met their goals.

The clouds were printed with a transparent ink.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Poster - Final Project

Illustrator 313

We had the choice of doing another gradient mesh project or an extensive pen tool project. This assignment is the reason why I didn't get my Photoshop final started until six hours before it was due. The band is the Flaming Lips.

Original photo
Finished tracing....
All the little segments look like this..

And finally, I turned it in to a concert poster.
The flying bats are to signify that this is a Halloween concert.

Complex Gradient Mesh

Illustrator 313

Just the title alone sounds intimidating. Say it.... complex gradient mesh.
I recreated my dream car, the Audi R8, and used a special tool that help change the color of objects to make it look like there is a reflection of light or sense of depth.
This was my favorite project in this class.

Original picture
My version... can you tell the difference?
Here's all the finely detailed work.Here's a closeup of my work.One last step, make an advertisement out of it.

Children's Book

Illustrator 313

Recreate the images from a children's book with the pen tool. Then take the text and make it easier for a kid to understand.

Surreal ad

Photoshop 312

Not my favorite project. The business man, planets, Incan temple, and sky are separate pics.

Poster - Final Project

Photoshop 312

I didn't have a clue what I was going to do for this project until the morning it was due.... about 4 in the morning. Typical finals week... my eyes burn from just thinking about the all-nighters.
Confession: I hate Mastercard "priceless" ads. They have been worn out more than the peeing Calvin stickers.

Everything you see here are individual photos that have been put together as a composite.
The alarm clock, money, computer, notebook, sleeping Bryce, table, and coffee mug were taken separately.